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John Drummond b. 1438 d. 1519

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Lineage Drummond
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) John Drummond

Malcolm Drummond [Drummond] d. 1470

Marion Murray (of Tullibardine) [Murray]



1438 birth: Stobhill, Scotland

child birth: William Drummond [Drummond]

child birth: John Drummond (of Innerpeffray, Senior) [Drummond]

child birth: Margaret Drummond [Drummond]

child birth: Euphame Drummond [Drummond]

child birth: Beatrix Drummond [Drummond]

marriage: Elizabeth Lindsay [Lindsay] b. 1445 d. 1519

1465 child birth: Elizabeth Drummond [Drummond] b. 1465

1469 child birth: Innerpeffray, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, Annabel Drummond [Drummond] b. 1469 d. 1492

1519 death: Stobhall, Perth, Scotland


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[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

John de Drumond (Escócio)
birth: estimated 1390, Escócia
marriage: Branca Afonso da Cunha
immigration: 1418, França, Com grande número de fidalgos escoceses em auxílio do Delfin, na campanha contra seu pai Carlos VI, e sairam vitoriosos.
immigration: estimated 1427, Espanha, A serviço do rei D. João, de Castela, na guerra contra os mouros até 1427.
death: between 1460 and 1470
Malcolm Drummond
death: 1470
== 3 ==
Elizabeth Lindsay
birth: 1445, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland
marriage: John Drummond
death: 1519, Stobhall, Perth, Scotland
John Drummond
birth: 1438, Stobhill, Scotland
marriage: Elizabeth Lindsay
death: 1519, Stobhall, Perth, Scotland
== 3 ==
William Graham
birth: 1464, Kincardine, Scotland, Blackford, Perth,
marriage: Annabel Drummond
death: 9 September 1513, Branxton (Northumberland), England, Battle of Flodden [[Category:Battle of Flodden|{{clanname:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]
Annabel Drummond
birth: 1469, Innerpeffray, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland
marriage: William Graham
death: 1492, Muthill, Scotland, Drummond Castle (?). Then in Perth county.
James IV
birth: 17 March 1473
title: 17 March 1473, King of Scotland
title: 11 June 1488, Stirling, roi d'Écosse
marriage: Margaret Tudor , Holyrood (Edinburgh)
death: 9 September 1513
James Hamilton (Arran)
birth: 1475
title: 1st Earl Arran
marriage: Beatrix Drummond
marriage: Janet Bethune
death: 22 July 1529
George Douglas
birth: 1469
title: Master of Angus
marriage: Elizabeth Drummond
death: 9 September 1513
Margaret Tudor
birth: 28 November 1489
marriage count: 2-я жена Арчибальда Дугласа
marriage: James IV , Holyrood (Edinburgh)
title: 8 August 1503, Holyrood (Edinburgh), Queen of Scotland
marriage: Archibold Douglas
divorce: Archibold Douglas
marriage: Henry Stewart
death: 18 October 1541
Margaret Hepburn
marriage count: 1-я жена Арчибальда Дугласа
marriage: Archibold Douglas
death: 1513
N. Stewart
marriage count: 3-я жена Арчибальда Дугласа
marriage: Archibold Douglas
Margaret Maxwell
marriage count: 4-я жена Арчибальда Дугласа
marriage: Archibold Douglas
death: 31 January 1593
N. ? (.не.известного.рода)
marriage count: 5-я жена Арчибальда Дугласа
marriage: Archibold Douglas
Margaret Graham (of the Montrose Family)
birth: 1481, Thornhill (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
death: 1521
James V
birth: 10 April 1512
marriage: w Margaret Erskine
title: 10 April 1512, Linlithgow, Duc de Rothesay
title: 9 September 1513
marriage: Madeleine de Valois , Paris (75)
marriage: Mary de Guise , Holyrood (Edinburgh)
death: 14 December 1542, Falkland (Fife)
Jane Stuart
birth: 17 July 1502
death: 20 February 1562
James de Rothesay
birth: 1507
death: 1508
Arthur de Rothesay
birth: 1509
death: 1510
Alexander de Ross
birth: 1514
death: 1515
William Graham
birth: 1480
title: 2nd Earl of Montrose
marriage: Janet Keith (Graham)
death: 24 May 1571
James Hamilton
title: comte d'Arran
title: Châtellerault (86), duc de Châtellerault
marriage: Margaret Douglas
death: 22 January 1575

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