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Alexander Comisar b. 6 April 1983

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Lineage Comisar
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Alexander Comisar
Other given names Alexander Lee

Paula Maria Pavlovna Romanovsky-Ilynsky [Romanov] b. 18 May 1956

Марк Ален Комизар [Комизар] b. 17 June 1953


6 April 1983 birth: Cincinnati, OH, USA

From grandparents to grandchildren

Paul Dimitrievitch Romanovsky-Ilynsky (Paul Ilynsky)
birth: 27 January 1928, Londres
military service: Colonel
title: 1935, prince Romanovsky-Ilynsky
marriage: Mary Prince , Honolulu, États-Unis, -
annulment: Mary Prince
marriage: Angelica Kauffmann , Palm Beach, Floride, États-Unis, -
occupation: from 1993 - 2000, Palm Beach, Maire
death: 10 February 2004, Palm Beach
Angelica Kauffmann
birth: 21 June 1932, Paris (75)
marriage: Paul Dimitrievitch Romanovsky-Ilynsky (Paul Ilynsky) , Palm Beach, Floride, États-Unis, -
Dimitri Pavlovitch Romanovsky-Ilynsky
birth: 1 May 1953, Palm Beach, FL, USA
title: Prince Ilynsky
marriage: Martha Mc Dowell , USA
Anna Pavlovna Romanovsky-Ilynsky
birth: 4 September 1959, Palm Beach, FL, USA
title: Princesse Ilynsky
marriage: Robin de Young , NH, USA
divorce: Robin de Young
marriage: David Glossinger , Cincinnati, OH, USA
Paula Maria Pavlovna Romanovsky-Ilynsky
birth: 18 May 1956, Palm Beach, FL, USA
title: Princesse Ilynsky
marriage: Марк Ален Комизар , Cincinnati, États-Unis
Марк Ален Комизар
birth: 17 June 1953, Цинциннати, Огайо, США
marriage: Paula Maria Pavlovna Romanovsky-Ilynsky , Cincinnati, États-Unis
== 3 ==
Makena Comisar
birth: 20 November 1984, Cincinnati, OH, USA
death: 1 August 2002, OH, USA, Autounfall
Alexander Comisar
birth: 6 April 1983, Cincinnati, OH, USA
== 3 ==

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