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Wouter van Oisy b. estimated 1100 d. 1147

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Lineage Oisy-Avesnes
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Wouter van Oisy
Other given names de Schone

Fastred II van Oisy [Oisy-Avesnes] b. estimated 1070 d. after 1111

Rishilde [?] b. estimated 1080



estimated 1100 birth:

child birth: Gaussuin d'Avesnes [Oisy-Avesnes]

child birth: Evrard d'Avesnes [Oisy-Avesnes]

child birth: Фастр д'Оизи [Оизи-Авен]

child birth: Тьерри д'Оизи [Оизи-Авен]

marriage: Ide de Mortagne [Mortagne] b. estimated 1110

1120 child birth: Nicolaas van Oisy [Oisy-Avesnes] b. 1120 d. 1171

estimated 1125 child birth: Petronella van Avesnes [Oisy-Avesnes] b. estimated 1125

1147 death:


Heer van Avesnes, Condé en Leuze (1127).

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Fastred van Oisy
birth: estimated 1040
marriage: Ida van Avesnes
death: 1092
Ida van Avesnes
birth: estimated 1050
marriage: Fastred van Oisy
death: after 1111
Gossuin Ier d'Oisy
property: Seigneur d'Avesnes
property: Seigneur de Condé
property: Seigneur de Leitz
death: after 1126
Fastred II van Oisy
birth: estimated 1070
occupation: bailli de Tournai
marriage: Rishilde
death: after 1111
== 3 ==
Wouter van Oisy
birth: estimated 1100
marriage: Ide de Mortagne
death: 1147
== 3 ==
Nicolaas van Oisy
birth: 1120
title: 1147, сеньор д'Авен
marriage: Mahaut de La Roche
death: 1171
Jacob van Avesnes
birth: about 1152
marriage: Adèle de Guise
title: 1171, сеньор д'Авен
death: 7 September 1191, Arsoef
Jan II van Cysoing
birth: estimated 1150
marriage: Mabelia van Guines
death: after 1220
Marie de Bailleul
marriage: Fastré Ier d'Avesnes
death: 1203, Avesnes-sur-Helpe (59)
Fastré Ier d'Avesnes
occupation: Bailli de La Flamengrie
property: Avesnes-sur-Helpe (59), Seigneur d'Avesnes-sur-Helpe
marriage: Marie de Bailleul
Ангерран (Ингельрам) де Сен-Поль
marriage: Ида д'Авен
title: from 1141 - 1150, граф де Сен-Поль
graduation: 1150

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