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Nicholas (Nicolo) De Ursins (Orsini) b. 27 August 1331 d. after 14 February 1399

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Lineage Orsini
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Nicholas (Nicolo) De Ursins
Other last names Orsini
Other given names N

Roberto Orsini (di Nola) [Orsini] b. 1295 d. 1350

Sveva del Balzo [Balzo]


27 August 1331 birth: Nola, Italy

child birth: w Raimund Orsini [Orsini] d. 17 January 1406

marriage: Jean de Sabran [Sabran]

1360 child birth: Ursins, Reims, France, Justine Orsini (d'Ursine) [Orsini] b. 1360 d. after 1422

after 14 February 1399 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 3 ==
Nicholas (Nicolo) De Ursins (Orsini)
birth: 27 August 1331, Nola, Italy
marriage: Jean de Sabran
death: after 14 February 1399
== 3 ==
Francesco Del Balzo
birth: about 1330
marriage: Justine Orsini (d'Ursine)
death: 23 April 1422
Justine Orsini (d'Ursine)
birth: 1360, Ursins, Reims, France
marriage: Francesco Del Balzo
death: after 1422, Italy
Mary of Enghien
birth: 1367
marriage: w Raimund Orsini
title: 23 April 1407, Naples, Reine de Naples
marriage: Ladislas de Naples (Ladislas Ier) , Neapel
death: 9 May 1446
Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
birth: 1390, Luxembourg
marriage: Marguerite De Baux
title: Comte de Brienne, de Conversano de 1397 à 1433 et de Saint-Pol
title: 10 1430, Ritter des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies
death: 31 August 1433, Rambures, France, Chateau Rambures
Marguerite De Baux
birth: 1394, Andria, Italy
marriage: Pierre Brienne (De Luxembourg)
death: 1469, France, Cercamp
Giovanni Antonio Del Balzo Orsini
birth: Count of Conversano
birth: between 1386 and 1393
title: Prince of Taranto
title: Duke of Bari
title: Count of Lecce
title: Count of Acerra
title: Count of Soleto
title: King of Jerusalem-Brienne Claimant
title: between 1433 and 1463, Count of Matera
title: between 1453 and 1463, Count of Ugento
death: 15 November 1463

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