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Richard II Millau d. 1050

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Lineage Millau
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Richard II Millau

Richard Millau (Gevaudan) [Millau] b. 975 d. 1023

Senegonde Beziers [Beziers] d. 1050


child birth: Berenguer Millau (Gévaudan) [Millau] d. 1080

title: Vicomte de Millau et de Gévaudan

about 1035 child birth: Rixende de Gevaudan [Millau] b. about 1035 d. after 1079

1050 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Richard Gebart Carlat
birth: 900
death: 950
Berenguer Millau
birth: 935
death: 1000
Richard Millau (Gevaudan)
birth: 975
will: 990, Béziers 49, p. 52. "Guillelmus vicecomes" bequeathed "villa Palas" to "uxori suæ Arsindis vicecomitissa" and, after her death, to "filia mea Senegundis"
title: 1002, Vicomte de Millau, Conques, no. 30, pp. 35-6 "Ricardus vice comes" donated the church of Severiago "in pago Ruthenico" to the abbey of Conques by charter dated to Jul [996/1031]
other: 28 August 1013, Charter of Palaiz, Conques, no. 18, pp. 22-4. "Richardus per vocem uxoris suæ Senegundis" made a charter dated 28 Aug 1013, naming "domno Bernardo marchione et domna Guarsinde comitissa…filia Villelmo vicecomite", recording that the latter gave the town of Palaiz to S
death: 1023
== 3 ==
Rixende Narbonne
birth: 1020
title: Dame de Lodève et de Montbrun
death: 1080
Richard II Millau
title: Vicomte de Millau et de Gévaudan
death: 1050
== 3 ==
Geoffroy Ier de Marseille (dit le Gros)
birth: about 1015
title: Vicomte de Marseille
marriage: Rixende de Gevaudan
death: about 1090
Rixende de Gevaudan
birth: about 1035
title: Vicomtesse de Marseille
marriage: Geoffroy Ier de Marseille (dit le Gros)
death: after 1079
Gilbert Millau (Gévaudan)
birth: 1065
death: 1111
Hugues-Geoffroy Ier de Marseille
birth: about 1050
title: Vicomte de Marseille et co-seigneur de Toulon
marriage: Douce d'Aldaberon
death: between 1110 and 1128

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