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Rohese FitzRichard (de Clare) b. 1067 d. 1121

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Lineage Clare
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Rohese FitzRichard
Other last names de Clare

Richard Fitz Gilbert de Brionne [Brionne] b. 1030 d. April 1090

Roesia Gifford (de Longueville) [Gifford]


1067 birth: England, Tunbridge, Kent

child birth: Waldonius Sinclair (St.Clair) [Sinclair]

1121 death: Rycote, Oxfordshire, England


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  • Tunbridge, Kent (Maybe : Tonbridge, Kent)

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Gilbert "Crespin" de Brionne (de Bec)
birth: estimated 1000
title: estimated 1023, Comte de Brionne
title: after 1023, Comte d'Eu
death: about 1040, fin 1040 ou début 1041
William Arches
birth: Thorpe Arches Northumberland England
Berenger Giffard (of Fonthill)
residence: Longueville-la-Gifart
Godefroy Ier Giffard
title: Vicomte d'Arques
Walter FitzOsborne (Gifford de Longueville)
caste: Bolbec (76), seigneur de Bolbec
caste: Longueville-sur-Scie (76), seigneur de Longueville
death: about 1084
Baldwin FitzGilbert ? (Baldwin de Meules)
birth: estimated 1030
title: estimated 1050, Meulles, Seigneur de Meules
title: 1050, Le Sap, Seigneur du Sap
death: about 1090
Richard Fitz Gilbert de Brionne
birth: 1030, Saint-Martin-de-Bienfaite-la-Cressonnière, Normandy
title: estimated 1050, seigneur de Wodhamwater et de Dunmonn
title: estimated 1050, Orbec (14), Seigneur d'Orbec
title: estimated 1066, Clare (Suffolk), Lord de Clare
title: estimated 1066, Tonbridge, Lord de Tonbridge
burial: 1090, St Neots (Cambridgeshire), England
death: April 1090
== 3 ==
Gilbert FitzRichard (de Tonbridge and Clair)
birth: 1066, Clare (Suffolk), England
title: Marshall of England
death: 1117
Avioise de Clare
birth: estimated 1060
Rohese FitzRichard (de Clare)
birth: 1067, England, Tunbridge, Kent
death: 1121, Rycote, Oxfordshire, England
== 3 ==
Albreda de Rie (Valois)
birth: 1060, Orford (Suffolk), England
death: 1096, England
Agnes Sinclair (St. Clair)
birth: Rie, Normandy

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