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Guisclafred of Carcassonne

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Lineage Bellonid
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Guisclafred of Carcassonne

Bello de Carcassonne - (Count of Carcassonne) [Bellonid] b. calculated 755 d. before 810

Wiki-page wikipedia:Guisclafred of Carcassonne

From grandparents to grandchildren

Bello de Carcassonne - (Count of Carcassonne)
birth: calculated 755
title: from 790 - 810, Count of Carcassonne
death: before 810
== 2 ==
Ermisenda de Carcassonne
birth: estimated 820
marriage: Sunifred ? (Count of Barcelona)
death: after 1 December 885
== 2 ==

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