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Marie de Croÿ

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Lineage Croÿ
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Marie de Croÿ

Emmanuel de Croÿ [Croÿ]

Nicole de Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde [Marnix]


marriage: Adrien de Merode [Merode]

From grandparents to grandchildren

Ferdinand de Croÿ
birth: 4 May 1867, Le Rœulx, Belgien, Schloss Le Rœulx
death: 8 August 1958, Löwen, Belgien
Charles de Croÿ
birth: 19 May 1869, Le Rœulx
marriage: Mathilde di Robiano
death: 29 May 1943, Rumillies
Mathilde di Robiano
birth: 6 February 1868, Rumillies
marriage: Charles de Croÿ
death: 19 September 1946, Rumillies
Isabelle d'Oultremont
birth: 1889
marriage: Thierry de Spoelberch
death: 29 September 1968
Marie Immaculée de Croÿ
birth: 16 October 1905, Rumillies
marriage: Thierry de Limburg-Stirum , Rumillies, Tournai, Belgien
death: 23 January 2007, Huldenberg
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== 3 ==

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