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Polly Young (Adams) b. about 1794 d. 17 December 1843

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Lineage Young
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Polly Young
Other last names Adams

w Edward "Ned" Young [Young] b. about 1762 d. 25 December 1800

Toofaiti [?]


about 1794 birth: Pitcairn Island

marriage: w George Adams [Adams] b. 4 June 1804 d. 29 October 1873

17 December 1843 death: Pitcairn Island

From grandparents to grandchildren

Edward "Ned" Young
birth: about 1762, Saint Kitts, British West Indies
death: 25 December 1800, Pitcairn Island
== 2 ==
Dorothy Young (Buffett)
birth: 1797, Pitcairn Island
marriage: John Buffett
death: 24 April 1863, Pitcairn Island
James Young
birth: 1799, Pitcairn Island
death: 1806, Pitcairn Island
George Young
birth: about 1797, Pitcairn Island
marriage: Hannah Adams (Young)
death: 4 May 1831, Pitcairn Island
Robert Young
birth: about 1799, Pitcairn Island
death: 18 August 1831, Pitcairn Island
William Young
birth: 1799, Pitcairn Island
marriage: Elizabeth Mills (Quintal, Young)
death: 6 February 1839, Pitcairn Island
George Adams
birth: 4 June 1804, Pitcairn Island
marriage: Polly Young (Adams)
marriage: Sarah Quintal (McCoy, Adams)
death: 29 October 1873, Norfolk Island
Polly Young (Adams)
birth: about 1794, Pitcairn Island
marriage: George Adams
death: 17 December 1843, Pitcairn Island
== 2 ==

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