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Maria van Perwez b. 1240 d. 1285

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Lineage Leuven-Gaesbeek
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maria van Perwez

Godfried van Leuven-Gaesbeek [Leuven-Gaesbeek] b. 1209 d. 1254

Adelheid van Berthout [Berthout] b. 1210 d. 1254


1240 birth:

child birth: Johanna von Vianden [Vianden]

1260 marriage: Philips van Salm Vianden [Salm-Vianden] b. 1225 d. 1272

1260 child birth: Margaretha van Salm Vianden [Salm-Vianden] b. 1260 d. 8 March 1316

1260 child birth: Philipp van Salm Vianden [Salm-Vianden] b. 1260 d. 1308

1260 child birth: Godfried van Salm Vianden [Vianden] b. 1260 d. 1312

1285 death:


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Willem Godfried van Leuven
birth: 1180
death: after 1224
Marie de France
birth: 1198
title: 1 August 1206, Marquise de Namur
marriage: Henry I Leuwen (Duke of Brabant)
title: 1213, Duchesse de Brabant, de Basse-Lotharingie, Marquise d'Anvers et Comtesse de Louvain
death: 15 August 1224
burial: Affligem
Henry I Leuwen (Duke of Brabant)
birth: 1165
marriage: Mathilde d'Alsace
title: 1183, Graf von Brüssel
title: 1190, Herzog von Brabant
marriage: Marie de France
death: 5 September 1235, Cologne
Ida de Boulogne (de Elzas)
birth: 1160
title: from 1173 - 1216, comtesse de Boulogne
marriage: Gerhard III von Geldern
marriage: Berchtold IV von Zähringen
marriage: w Renaud de Dammartin
death: 21 April 1216
Mathilde d'Alsace
birth: 1170
title: 1179, Dame de Louvain
marriage: Henry I Leuwen (Duke of Brabant)
title: 1183, Duchesse de Brabant
title: 1190, Comtesse de Louvain, Marquise d'Anvers et Duchesse de Basse-Lotharingie
death: 1210
Maria van Brabant
birth: 1190
marriage: Otto IV , Maastricht
marriage: w Wilhelm I. von Holland
death: between 9 March 1260 and 14 June 1260
Heinrich II. Löwen von Brabant
birth: 1207
marriage: Maria van Hohenstaufen
title: 5 September 1235, Cologne, Duc de Brabant
marriage: Sophie von Thüringen
death: 1 February 1248, Leuven, Belgium
Margarethe von Brabant
birth: 1192
marriage: Gerhard IV von Geldern , Leuven
title: January 1206
title: 1207, Roermond
death: 1231
Adélaïde de Brabant
birth: 1190
marriage: Arnulf van Looz
title: 1206, comte de Boulogne
title: 1216
title: 1218, Comtesse de Looz
marriage: w Guillaume d'Auvergne (Guillaume X)
title: 3 February 1225, Comtesse d'Auvergne
marriage: Arnold van Wesemaele
death: 1265
Elizabeth (Isabella) FitzHenry (van Brabant)
birth: 1215
marriage: Dietrich VI ? (of Cleves)
title: 1233, Comtesse héritière de Brabant
marriage: Gerhard IV von Limburg
death: 23 October 1272
Adelheid van Berthout
birth: 1210
death: 1254
== 3 ==
Godfried van Louvain
birth: 1240
death: 1265
Ada van Louvain
birth: 1240
death: 5 May 1310
Hendrik van Leuven Gaasbeek
birth: 1245
marriage: Isabelle van Beveren
death: 1 March 1285
burial: Brussels
== 3 ==
Arnoul V de Looz
birth: 1258
marriage: Margaretha van Salm Vianden
death: 22 August 1327
Godfried von Sponheim Heinsberg
birth: 1270
marriage: Mathilde von Looz , Groningen
death: 2 November 1331
Jolanda van Loon
birth: estimated 1290
death: before 1323

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