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The patrilineal clan name/surname YNGLING is applied to the male linear descendants of the legendary Nordic king Yngve I Frey. Daughters are also given the surname designation which their children loose in favor of their father's surname or clan designation, (unless the child's father is unidentified). The Germinal ancestor is Ynvge Freysson who is most likely himself to be descended from an Aesir, Vanyir, or Svear immigrant tribal leader by the name of Othinn. The clan has been evidenced to have originated among the Langobardic Parthians near the Black Sea. They practiced a form of ruler cult that resulted in very young kings (Average Generation length 14 years) with a high turnover rate (Approximately every 7 years) during which some hops to a fraternal line would occur to offset the difference between Generation length and Mortem rate. Only one King is purported to have lived any significant length of time (Gamle Aud who lived 90 years) for which he paid by sacrificing 8 of his sons (8 generations worth) which may result in skewed genealogical charts for lineages which intermarried with the Yngling clan.

The information for the Nordic Group is correct in the English database. However this lineage report is cluttered by the inclusion of other clan designations which are more generic in nature, lumping together the whole of the nordic countries under the single epithet of Vickings etc. These generic clan names obscure the actual complex tribal and clan affiliations that can be identified as far back as 200 bc. We will work to clean these up as this identification progresses. Using the English Database as a reference, your efforts to help in this DB surname/clan name cleanup project for the Nordic peoples would be appreciated.

Nordic entries should be recorded as <First name><fathersson/fathersdotter><nickname/epithet> Leave the clan name empty if you are not sure which clan they belong to and someone who knows will fill in the proper tribal/clan designation. Almoustine 17:25, 6 June 2008 (EEST)

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Lineage "Yngling" contains 70 people

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  1. Edgils Otharsson d. 575
  2. Agni Dagsson d. 400
  3. Aldegisel, (Eadgils) b. about 605 d. about 678
  4. w Alrik Agnesson d. 415
  5. Asa Ingjaldsdotter
  6. Ascrida Rognvaldsdottir (Juti, Alfheim) b. about 812
  7. Aud Jorundsson (Gamle , Инглинги) b. 391 d. 495
  8. Dag Dygvesson (Vise) d. 375
  9. Dan Frodesson
  10. Domalde Visbursson d. 310
  11. Domar Domaldesson b. 361 d. 452
  12. Dyggve Domarsson d. 350
  13. w Eanmund Otharsson (Yngling)
  14. Ongentheow b. 456 d. 517
  15. Eirik Agnisson
  16. Elsa Olofsdotter (Solejar)
  17. Erik Yngvisson
  18. Eysteinn (Gosten) Edgilsson (Legendary) d. 595
  19. Eystein Fjart Halfdansson (of Solejar) b. 736 d. 780
  20. Fjolnir Yngvesson (Legendary) d. 200
  21. Freidleif Dansson (Snare)
  22. Fridleifsson
  23. Friedlief Frodesson
  24. Frode Friedliefsson
  25. Frode Hugeletsson
  26. Gisle Visbursson
  27. Godfred ? (Halvdansson, Dacia) d. 810
  28. Gudrod Halfdansson (of Westfold Solejar) b. estimated 750 d. about 811
  29. Gunvor Fridleifsdotter
  30. Halbadaniz ? (Halfdan son of Frode)
  31. Halfdan Olofsson (Vitben of Solejar) b. 704 d. 750
  32. Halfdan the Old ? (Legendary) b. 768 d. 800
  33. Halvdan Frodesson
  34. Halfdan the Black b. about 820 d. about 860
  35. Halvdansson ? (of Solejar)
  36. Hedric Hroedgarsson
  37. Hrodmund Hroedgarsson
  38. Hrodulf Hroedgardsson
  39. Hroedgar Halvdansson b. 550 d. 575
  40. Hugelek Alarikarsson
  41. Hugleik Alfsson
  42. Ingebjorg Yngvesdotter
  43. Ingeld Olofsson (Angelus)
  44. Ingjald Onundersson (Legendary) b. 620 d. 655
  45. Ingvar Eisteinsson (Legendary) d. 610
  46. Jorund Yngvisson (Инглинги) d. 450
  47. * w Njord Yngvisson
  48. Odde (Auda) (Fridleif's Granddaughter)
  49. Olof Tratalja (Ingjeldsson) b. 640
  50. Olaf Geirstadalf b. estimated 770

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