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It is likely that this lineage is in part derived from the Garamantes of Numidia who were present in the colony of Phasania in 1000 BCE. They would have been Phoenician in origin. From the 5th century BCE to the 5th century of the modern era, the Fezzan was home to the Garamantian Empire, a city state which operated the Trans-Saharan trade routes between the Carthaginians -- and later the Roman Empire -- and Sahelian states of west and central Africa. The Garamantes were farmers and merchants. Their diet consisted of grapes, figs, barley and wheat. They traded wheat, salt and slaves in exchange for imported wine and olive oil, oil lamps and Roman tableware. According to Strabo and Pliny, the Garamantes quarried amazonite in the Tibesti Mountains. According to more ancient sources the Garamantes and Masylisii were Katrishyar tribes from India who accompanied Tyrian Hercules to Gaul. This is probably true although the actual events are lost to history because it is well attested that the Masylisii (Amazigh) Kings between 400-50BC bore Indo-Parthian names.

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Lineage "Massyli" contains 16 people

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  1. w Adherbaal ? (Arabion)
  2. w Archobarzane
  3. Capusa
  4. w Galamb (Gaius) (Gala) Massyli (Father of Oezalces)
  5. Gauda (Galinda) b. -155 d. -88
  6. Gulussa
  7. w Hiempsal I
  8. w Hiempsal II b. -120 d. -60
  9. Iampsas (Lacumazus)
  10. Jugurtha ? (Of Numidia) b. -160 d. -104
  11. w Masinissa (Manasses) ? (of Numidia) b. about -240 d. about -148
  12. Mastarnable (Manastabaal) b. -190
  13. Micipsa
  14. Oezalces
  15. Oxyntas
  16. Vermina

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