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Unlike many Scottish clan names, the name Macbeth is not a patronymic designation (Mac+Beth) rather it is a pronomen given as either a clan name or personal name Maelbaedha or Macbeth. Literally translated from the Gaelic it means "Son of Life" and is associated with the clan "Beaton" (a clan well known for hereditary skills in the healing arts) which makes the story of Macbeth all the more interesting and ironic.

In actual history Duncan did not appear as a guest at the home of Macbeth rather he was rushed to the home of Macbeth for treatment and recovery from war wounds recieved at the battle. During the stay at Macbeth's home, he died as a result of his wounds. Macbeth was widely recognized as King by the majority of the nobles in Scotland by virtue of his marriage to Gruoch MacAlpin an heiress to the throne of Scotland by virtue of the ancient Pictish/Dalriadic inheritance system. The Marriage of Macbeth and Grouch represented a unification of two competing lineages and as such made best sense in terms of unifying the country and preventing future hostilities. Macbeth ruled well and was well liked in his time by nobles and the church and by the majority of his people. However, he left no strong surviving heir capable of putting down the Caenmor rebellion. Lulach the fool (his wife's son by her first husband) took the throne as regent to his younger brother Farquar, but lost it to the sons of Duncan.

The clan Macbeth has been subsumed into the following clans: Findley, Farquar, Farquarson, Mackay, Beaton.

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Lineage "Macbeth" contains 9 people

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  1. w Angus MacHeth
  2. Donald MacHeth
  3. Farquar MacBeaton b. before 1057
  4. Gormflaeth MacEth
  5. Gruoch MacAedh (MacHugh, Mackay)
  6. Hugh Farquarson (Macbeth, Melbaeda) b. before 1070 d. 1093
  7. Kenneth MacEth d. 1215
  8. * Macbeth MacFindley (MacFindlach, of Moray) b. about 1017 d. 15 August 1057
  9. Malcolm Macbeth (Mackbeth) d. 23 October 1168

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