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The Khunggirad (Mongolian: Хонгирад/Khonghirad), also known as Qongirat, were one of the major divisions of the Mongol tribes. Variations on the name include Onggirat, Ongirat, Qongrat, Khungirat, Kungrad, Qunghrãt, Wangjila (王紀剌), Yongjilie (雍吉烈), Qungrat, and Guangjila (廣吉剌) in Chinese sources. Their homeland was located in the vicinity of Lake Hulun in Inner Mongolia and Khalkha River in Mongolia, where they maintained close ties with the ruling dynasties of northern China. Because the various Khunggirad clans never united under a single leader, the tribe never rose to great military glory. Their greatest fame comes from being the primary consort clan of the ruling house of Genghis Khan's Mongol empire. Genghis Khan's mother, great grandmother, and first wife were all Khunggirads, as were many subsequent Mongol queens and princesses. During the Yuan dynasty they were given the title Lu Wang ("Prince of Lu"), and a few Khunggiradsmay have migrated west into the territory of modern Uzbekistan and South Kazakhstan Province.

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  1. * Babukhan Khatun
  2. * Radnashiri d. 1322
  3. * Tacchotan
  4. * Анчи-нойон Хунгар
  5. w Borte Ujin b. about 1161 d. 1230
  6. * Buyan Kelmish
  7. * w Cyriacus (Kurjaquz) Dei Setchen
  8. * Chabi b. 1 January 1227 d. 20 March 1281
  9. * Kökejin (Bairam-Egechi) d. 1300
  10. * Отуркан Саркат Кунгирка
  11. Укіхатун Хунгарка

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