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Amasa Cobb 1823-1905, was born in Montgomery Township, Crawford Co., Illinois. The son of John Cobb and Nancy Briggs; the grand son of Josiah Cobb and Mehitable Hodges, Capt.Samuel Briggs and Ruth Paull; The great grandson of William Cobb and Anne Williams,Jonathan Hodges and Abigail Sanford;John Briggs and Tabitha Allen; John Paul and Ruth Dean; The g-great grandson of Morgan Cobb and Abigail Wills, Ebenezer Williams and Judith King, Joseph Hodges and Bethia Williams, John Sandford and Abigail Pitts, John Briggs and Abigail Packard, Ephraim Allen and Zipporah Crane, Benjamin Paull and Ruth Dyer,etc.. Amasa is from The "Taunton Or Blacksmith Cobb" Line and no relation to the "Henry or Barnstable" Cobb Line. DNA tests confirm the Barnstable Cobbs and Taunton Cobbs share no DNA Markers, You would have to go back 50,000 years or better to find a common ancestor. Amasa Probably was named after his Father's older brother Amasa. Uncle Amasa was born Feb.9,1777, Warwick,Hampshire, Ma., married Eunice (Emmie) Petit in 1803, moved to McLean, Tompkins, NY. as one of the first settlers there opening a tavern, Later moving to Mentor, Lake, Ohio, dying there May 16,1855. General, Representative, Judge Amasa was  the seventh of nine children The first born in Illinois. Amasa's brother, George W. Cobb also settled in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I hope this clears up any misconceptions about Amasa's Ancestry. Cliff Cobb

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  1. * w Amasa Cobb b. 27 September 1823 d. 5 July 1905
  2. * Benjamin Cobb
  3. Elizabeth Cobb (Brooks) b. about 1802 d. about 1853
  4. Elizabeth Cobb (Cole) b. 6 October 1680 d. 16 May 1714
  5. * Henry Cobb b. 1596 d. 1679
  6. * Isolde Cobb
  7. James Cobb b. 14 January 1634 d. 1695
  8. * Phalbia Cobb b. 1775 d. June 1883
  9. * Tommye Cobb (Cauthen)

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