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[edit] Common mistakes, errors and violations

  1. all records are in lovercase or UPPERCASE
  2. Place field contains more than 1 place - if not sure put in description field
  3. Place have no commas
  4. Schools, workplace, streets placed not in description, but in place field
  5. Mythological persons connected to real person
  6. Records in English locale filled in other locale present in system
  7. Records created without permission of person (privacy violation)
  8. Records contains address, tel. number, document ID's
  9. Clan aren't equal to surname (for ex. surname: Smith, clan: Donald)
  10. More than 2 parents connected - only 1 man and 1 woman, or only one of them allowed
  11. Family record contains both parents and child. Children connected by system from parents records.
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