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Family: Othon II Andechs von Meranien + Beatrix II van Hohenstaufen

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Beatrix II van Hohenstaufen (van Bourgondië) [Hohenstaufen] b. about 1193 d. 7 May 1231

Othon II Andechs von Meranien (de Bourgogne) [Andechs] b. between 1171 and 1184 d. 7 May 1234


w Elisabeth Andechs von Meranien [Andechs] b. 1225 d. 18 December 1272

Otto II von Meranien [Andechs] b. about 1218 d. 19 June 1248

Adélaïde Ire d'Andechs et de Méranie (de Bourgogne) [Andechs] b. about 1210 d. 8 March 1279

Агнесса [Андекс] b. about 1215 d. 7 January 1263

w Beatrix von Andechs-Meranien [Andechs] b. 1210 d. after 9 February 1271

Margarethe de Méranie (Méranie) [Andechs] d. 18 October 1271


21 June 1208 marriage:


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