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Family: Constantin Pavlovitch de Russie + Juliane Henriette Ulrike

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Constantin Pavlovitch de Russie [Romanov] b. 8 May 1779 d. 27 June 1831

Juliane Henriette Ulrike [Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld] b. 23 September 1781 d. 15 August 1860

Wiki-page wikipedia:ru:Анна_Фёдоровна


26 February 1796 marriage:

8 March 1820 divorce: marriage dissolved manifesto of Alexander I


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The marriage was a failure. Passion Constantine Pavlovich to the entire military, and the unpredictability of his behavior, reflected in the Princess. His tenderness was replaced by rude and offensive behavior against young wife. For example, once he landed Anna Feodorovna in one of the huge vases in the Marble Palace and began to shoot at him. I hate the character of her husband, his daring escapades princess became increasingly difficult. Nor could she count on the support of the Emperor Paul, because it has chosen as his mother hated them. Meanwhile, growing up, Anna Feodorovna was becoming more attractive and in the community called her "evening star." The Grand Duke Constantine began her jealous, even to his brother Alexander. He forbade her to leave the room, and when she came out, it was her, and led away. Countess VN Golovin recalled: "Anna Fyodorovna hard life from the impossible nature, which no one could rein. His rude antics, the absence of any measure turned into a real married life hard labor, and modest Anna Feodorovna needed friendship with Elizabeth, who was able to smooth out the frequent disagreement spouses ... "

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