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Family: Rostislaw Alexandrowitsch von Russland + Alexandra Pavlovna Golitsyne

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Rostislaw Alexandrowitsch von Russland [Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp] b. 24 November 1902 d. 31 July 1978

Alexandra Pavlovna Golitsyne (Romanov, Armour) [Golitsyne] b. 7 May 1905 d. 5 December 2006


w Rostislav Rostislavovitch de Russie [Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp] b. 3 December 1938 d. 7 January 1999


1 September 1928 marriage: Chicago, Illinois, États-Unis, mariage morganatique

9 November 1944 divorce:


Source Wikipedia ru mariage et enfants Pavel Pavlovitch Golitsyne

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