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Family: Serge Alexandrovitch Rachewsky + Poliksena Vladimirovna Schulz

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w Serge Alexandrovitch Rachewsky [Rachewsky] b. 5 July 1866 d. 15 December 1904

Poliksena Vladimirovna Schulz (Rashevskaya) [Schulz]


Zinaida Sergeevna Rachevsky (Yeliseeva, Romanova) [Rachevsky] b. 3 November 1898 d. 30 November 1963

Vladimir Serguéiévitch Rachevsky [Rachevsky] b. 1892 d. February 1967

Natalya Sergeevna Rashevskaya (Kolchina) [Rachevsky] b. 26 October 1893 d. 18 March 1962


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