As of 18 August 2010, you must register to edit pages on Rodovid (except Rodovid Engine).

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[edit] Account

New accounts are created by people who are already members of Rodovid.

For technical reasons, the first letter of a username is always in uppercase.
That name cannot include an @ or a brand.

Many names have already been chosen by people who registered previously. For all these names, see the users list.
With that page, you can also check if a username has already been chosen : just enter that name in the field after "Display users starting at:" and click on "Go". If the name is no more available, it will appear top of the list.

The creation of new accounts is listed on this page :
User creation log

When an account is established, "RodovidAdmin" or "passwordsender" simultaneously sends to the new member an automatic message with a computer-generated access code (some users find the message in a folder different from the usual one : on gmail in the updates tab, rarely in a spam section).
By using that access code for the first connection, the new user will reach a page dedicated to the choice of a personal password.

If you don't find the access code sent by Rodovid or if you have forgotten your password, you can request another message (after 24 hours) :
go to the login page and then
* enter your username
** clic on the button "E-mail password"

Before an account is created, it is good to describe two important principles of our site.
1) It is forbidden to create records about living people without their authorization.
2) All pages of Rodovid are public (as on Wikipedia), so if you create records for living people you can limit the informations given on their page. For example, instead of writing in a record that Daniel Martin was born in Dallas on 1 January 1964, you can write either :
* Daniel Martin, born around 1960 in the United States
or :
* D M
* or save the page with only the number of the record

You can edit pages in any linguistic version of Rodovid : English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian
You can modify the settings of your account with the link "my preferences" in the upper right corner of any page.

Note : you can view all the pages of Rodovid, even without being a member (registration is only needed for people who want to edit records).
With the link "List of last names" (in the left margin), you can check all people registered on Rodovid under the same surname. (Maybe some members of your family have already been added by other users.)
Or you can use the following link (replacing "Wallace" in the address by the surname that interests you) :

[edit] Trees

To see the list of the records you have edited, click on the link "my contributions" (in the upper right corner). (The titles of the new records are followed by the words "New page: <record>".) With it, you can avoid creating twice the same record.

The number of each record is shown under the title and in the address.
Example : Isaac Newton (number 532135).
A person can have a record in each language, but the identification number is unique and the neutral informations (sex, dates, main picture) are managed by a common database. Language versions allow users to write different names and different notes.

Records are entered manually (to avoid duplicates).

[edit] Records for persons

To create your first record, click on "Add a person" (in the left margin of a page, mainly for the first person of a tree).
To add dates of birth or death, chose the tab "Events" (in the green-khaki line), with the button "Add an event" if needed.
The field under the "place" line allows users to add a note or details about each event.

To connect a person to a new record of the same family, open the page of that person, click on "Edit" and chose the tab "Relationships" (in the green-khaki line). Click on a button "Add a new person" (in the section "Parents", or "Children" or "Brothers & sisters"). This will open a page for the new record.

To connect a person A to the record that already exists for a person B, open the page of person A, click on "Edit" and chose the tab "Relationships". Write the number of person B in the field after "or by Rodovid ID: " (in the section "Parents", or "Children" or "Brothers & sisters") and click on the button "Find". The name of the person will appear and you will be able to tick the box to the left of the name (before saving).

If you want to specify that a record is yours, open the page and tick the box "It's me". You will find easily your family tree later with the link "My Tree" (in the left margin of a page).

The surname of a person is written in the field "Last name at birth". It is usually the surname of his / her father (or the name of a single mother).

If that surname changed slightly over generations, a unified version can be used in the field "Lineage / Clan", giving the same color in a tree to people who have the same name.

You can duplicate a record in another language by choosing the tab "In other languages".

[edit] Records for couples

To create a record for a couple, open the page of a person and chose the tab "Relationships" : the couples are managed in the section "Families".

If the father and the mother are already connected with at least one of their children, Rodovid will automatically show the couple formed by the parents under the form "Family: Father's name + Mother's name".
On the same line, click on the button "Edit family events" to start the page for the couple.

In the general case, to register parents, the first step will be the creation of the record for one of them.
1) Then in the "Families" section, click on the button "Add a new family, i.e. register a marriage" to open a page for the couple.
2) In that new page, chose the tab "Family members". Click on the button "Add a new person" to create the record for the other parent.
3) Fill that new page and save.
4) Rodovid will automatically bring you back to the record of the couple. Tick the names of both parents and save.

If both parents already have a record but are not connected to each other, open one page and find the "Families" section. Click on the button "Add a new family, i.e. register a marriage" to open a page for the couple.
In that new page, chose the tab "Family members". Write the number of the other parent in the field after "or by Rodovid ID: " and click on the button "Find". The name of the person will appear and you will be able to tick the box to the left of the name (before saving).

In a record for a couple, you can add the dates of engagement, marriage, etc…
These dates will automatically be added to the records for both members of the couple.

[edit] Rodovid

[edit] User page

With the link "User:Yourname" (top of the window) you will be able to create a personal page where you will have the possibility for example to add the references of books or internet sites.

You can find the edits of other members with the "Recent changes" link of the main page, or with the "history" tab of a record.
When you have reached the personal page of a user (divided into a user page and a discussion page) you can leave a public message on the discussion page, or send a private e-mail with the "E-mail this user" link of the left margin.
For example, the main talk page of Yaroslav Boychuk (the developper of Rodovid).

If someone you know wants to join Rodovid, you can create an account for that person (without going through administrators) :
go to the English registration page
only two fields will have to be filled :
* write the username that this person wants
** write this person's email address
and finally create the account by clicking the "by e-mail" button
An automatic message will be sent to that address to confirm this person’s account.

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