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[edit] Period of existence

25 October 1917 - 24 December 1991

Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic (RSFSR) — the state existed in 1917—1991 at Europe and Asia on the territory preveously occupied by Russian Empire and later by Russian Republic. RSFSR first existed as independent state, later as state in the union USSR.

During the October revolution 25 October 1917 on the territory of Russian Republic was declared Russian Soviet Republic. At the same time other names were used: Russia, Russian Republic, Russian Federative republic, Soviet Republic of Russia, Soviet Labor-Paysant Republic, Labour-Paysant Republic of Soviets. 18 January 1918 the unitary state was transformed into federation with the mention of Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic. From 19 July 1918 the name was officially fixed Russian Soviet Federative Socialistic Republic. 30 December 1922 RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Byelorussian SSR and Transcaucasian SFSR created the union state — USSR. 12 December 1991 RSFSR exit from the union USSR. 25 December 1991 got a new name Russian Federation.

First capital was the town Petrograd, and from 12 March 1918 Moscow become the capital.

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