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Ferdinand de Neufchâtel b. about 1452 d. 1522

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Lineage Neufchâtel
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Ferdinand de Neufchâtel

w Jean II de Neufchatel [Neufchâtel] b. about 1440 d. September 1489


about 1452 birth:

child birth: Antoinette de Neufchâtel [Neufchâtel] d. 1544

1522 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Jean II de Neufchatel
birth: about 1440
marriage: Isabelle de Villers
marriage: Margarida de Castro
death: September 1489, Vuillafans
== 3 ==
Isabeau Neufchâtel
birth: 1448
death: 11 August 1479
Jean III de Neufchâtel
birth: 1458
death: 1510
Ferdinand de Neufchâtel
birth: about 1452
death: 1522
== 3 ==
Philipp von Salm
birth: 8 September 1492
title: Graf von Salm, Wild- und Rheingraf zu Dhaun
marriage: Antoinette de Neufchâtel
death: 27 August 1521
Maria Aegyptiaca von Oettingen-Oettingen
birth: 1520, Harburg (Bavaria), Harburg castle
marriage: Philipp Franz zu Salm-Neufville
death: 12 November 1559
Philipp Franz zu Salm-Neufville
birth: 4 August 1518, Dhaun
title: Wild- und Rheingraf in Dhaun und Neuviller-sur-Moselle
marriage: Maria Aegyptiaca von Oettingen-Oettingen
death: 28 January 1561, Naumburg
Eberhard XII von Erbach
birth: 19 January 1511, Michelstadt, Fürstenau
title: Graf zu Freienstein, Beerfelden, Erbach und Jugendheim
marriage: Margarethe von Dhaun
death: 12 July 1564, Erbach im Odenwald
Margarethe von Dhaun
birth: 25 September 1521
marriage: Eberhard XII von Erbach
death: 5 April 1576

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