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Catharina Sophie Caroline Kaak b. 31 March 1815

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Lineage Kaak
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Catharina Sophie Caroline Kaak

Joachim Daniel Friedrich Kaak [Kaak] b. 17 October 1773

Anna Marie Schutte [Schutte] b. 1775


31 March 1815 birth: Schilde (Weisen), Brandenburg, Germany

marriage: Michael Streger [Streger] b. 9 August 1807

5 June 1836 child birth: Wentdorf (Cumlosen), Brandenburg, Germany, Joachim Streger [Streger] b. 5 June 1836

From grandparents to grandchildren

Joachim Daniel Friedrich Kaak
birth: 17 October 1773, Schilde (Weisen), Brandenburg, Germany
Anna Marie Schutte
birth: 1775, Schilde (Weisen), Brandenburg, Germany
== 2 ==
Michael Streger
birth: 9 August 1807, Wentdorf (Cumlosen), Brandenburg, Germany
marriage: Catharina Sophie Caroline Kaak
Catharina Sophie Caroline Kaak
birth: 31 March 1815, Schilde (Weisen), Brandenburg, Germany
marriage: Michael Streger
== 2 ==
birth: 1837, Cumlosen, Brandenburg, Germany, Wentdorf
Joachim Streger
birth: 5 June 1836, Wentdorf (Cumlosen), Brandenburg, Germany
Ludwig Streger
birth: 2 September 1867, Cumlosen, Brandenburg, Germany, Wentdorf

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