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Odilo (Uatalo) of Bavaria d. 18 January 748

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Lineage Agilolfing
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Odilo (Uatalo) of Bavaria

w Gottfried d'Alémanie [Ahalolfing] b. about 640 d. 709

Ragnetrude de Bavière [Agilolfing] b. about 640

Wiki-page wikipedia:Odilo_of_Bavaria


child birth: w Tassilon III [Agilolfing] d. 796

from 736 - 748 title: Herzog von Bayern

742 marriage: Hildtrud Martel [Carolingian] b. about 715 d. 754

18 January 748 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Théodon de Bavière
birth: estimated 600
marriage: Gleisnod
death: about 680
Gottfried d'Alémanie
birth: about 640
occupation: Duc des Alamans en Réthie
marriage: Ragnetrude de Bavière
death: 709
== 3 ==
Huoching d'Alémanie
birth: about 660
occupation: Prince des Alamans, Duc de Réthie
death: 727
Hildtrud Martel
birth: about 715
marriage: w Odilo (Uatalo) of Bavaria
death: 754
burial: Gengenbach, Baden-Württemberg, Hostenhoven, (Abbaye de Gengenbach)
Odilo (Uatalo) of Bavaria
title: from 736 - 748, Herzog von Bayern
marriage: Hildtrud Martel
death: 18 January 748
== 3 ==
Tassilon III
marriage: Lieutperga
title: from 748 - 788, duc de Bavière
death: 796

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