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Stella Nina McCartney b. 13 September 1971

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Lineage McCartney
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Stella Nina McCartney

w James Paul McCartney [McCartney] b. 18 January 1942

Linda Louise Eastman (See, McCartney) [Eastman] b. 24 September 1941 d. 17 April 1998

Wiki-page wikipedia:Stella McCartney


13 September 1971 birth: Lambeth

From grandparents to grandchildren

James McCartney (Jim)
birth: 7 July 1902
occupation: Salesman, Musician
marriage: Mary Patricia Mohan , Liverpool (England)
death: 18 March 1976, Liverpool (England)
Mary Patricia Mohan
birth: 29 September 1909, Liverpool (England)
marriage: James McCartney (Jim) , Liverpool (England)
death: 31 October 1956, Liverpool (England)
Heather Anne Mills (Karmal, McCartney)
birth: 12 January 1968, Washington (Tyne and Wear), England
marriage: w James Paul McCartney
divorce: w James Paul McCartney
Joseph Melville See, Jr.
birth: 19 April 1938, Scarsdale (New York)
marriage: Linda Louise Eastman (See, McCartney)
divorce: Linda Louise Eastman (See, McCartney)
death: 19 March 2000, Tucson (Arizona)
Linda Louise Eastman (See, McCartney)
birth: 24 September 1941, Scarsdale (New York), Westchester County (New York)
occupation: Musician, Artist
marriage: Joseph Melville See, Jr.
divorce: Joseph Melville See, Jr.
marriage: James Paul McCartney
death: 17 April 1998, Tucson (Arizona), Pima County (Arizona), Breast Cancer
== 3 ==
Mary Anna McCartney
birth: 28 August 1969, London
James Louis McCartney
birth: 12 September 1977, London
Beatrice Milly McCartney
birth: 28 October 2003
Heather Louise See (McCartney)
birth: 31 December 1962
Stella Nina McCartney
birth: 13 September 1971, Lambeth
== 3 ==

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