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Timothy Redding b. about 1695

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Lineage Redding
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Timothy Redding

Timothy Redding [Redding] b. 1675



about 1695 birth: Wales

1742 marriage: Fauquier County (Virginia), Mary Spilman [Spilman] b. 1725

1743 child birth: England, Sarah Redding [Redding] b. 1743 d. 13 July 1830


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Both Timothy and Mary (Maria) died in 1760 with the children still at home. They were raised by their uncle William Redding. William had a wife and two children. He was poor and could provide an education for the children, he was barely able to read and write. He was raised Episcopalian and was bigoted. However, in 1771 he converted to Baptist. ("A History of Kentucky Baptists" by Spencer) Notes by others;

[edit] Sources

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From grandparents to grandchildren

Timothy Redding
birth: 1675, Wales
== 2 ==
Mary Spilman
birth: 1725, Germantown (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia)
marriage: Timothy Redding , Fauquier County (Virginia)
Timothy Redding
birth: about 1695, Wales
marriage: Mary Spilman , Fauquier County (Virginia)
== 2 ==
Peter Martin
birth: 8 February 1740, Prussia, Virginia, Prussia or Virginia
death: 4 March 1807, Clay Village (Kentucky), Shelby County (Kentucky), (on Peter Jr.s farm)
Sarah Redding
birth: 1743, England
death: 13 July 1830, Clay Village (Kentucky)
Moses Martin
birth: 24 February 1776, Orange County (Virginia), Virginia
marriage count: August 1792
death: 4 March 1857, Washington County (Indiana), Indiana

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