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Cain ? (Biblical) b. after -3759

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Lineage Dynasty 00
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) King Scorpion I Sekhen Ka (Osirus)
Other last names Cain
Other given names Mesiriangkasher (Sumerian), Osirus (Egyptian), Cain (Hebrew), Ares (Greek)

Eva [Anak-anak Eden] b. -3759 d. -2829

Wiki-page wikipedia:en:Cain


birth: Akkadia

child birth: Enoch [?]

marriage: w Аvan [א]

title: Tainite Dynasty 0

residence: Tanis

about -3200 title: Pharaoh of Egypt

about -3100 title: Pharaoh of Upper Egypt

burial: Umm el-Qa'ab


Additional Links:

According to Sumerian literature this king was king of Sumer for 450 years until he sailed away and left his kingdom to his son Enmerkar who then ruled E-ana ("house of heaven").

The Marking of Cain

The slaying of his brother Abel is mentioned in Zoroastrian tradition as being rage based anger (giving over to his Mainyu nature). The Bible sheds a bit more light on the story saying that the reason for the murder. Enraged over the fact that God did not accept this offering, but accepted the offering of his brother through Cain into a rage wherein he slew his brother. Before this killing was only conducted for the most basic of reasons: Shelter, food, clothing, and self defense. This was in fact the first religiously motivated "Holy War" recorded in any of the ancient writings. The writings are not clear on what the marking was leaving room for much speculation ranging from "Black skin" and red-hair, to a birth mark of some sort. The question on whether or not this mark was carried over to his offspring is not clear. However, what is clear through the genealogies is that the offspring of Cain were not shunned by his brothers and in fact intermarried freely within the lineages of his brothers.

With regard to red hair as the Mark of Cain. Genetic studies have shown that red hair originated in the region of Scythia approximately 20,000 years ago. Scientists speculate that it could be a hold over genetic remnant introduced into the lineage of Homo Sapiens Sapiens through intermarriage with Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis. In folklore and tradition redheads have been associates with fiery natures and uncontrolled rage. Their nickname "The Dog headed men" have been linked with Wolves who have been shown to have the same genetic mutation which give them a red coat and their lineages have been linked to mystical traits such as lycanthropy and shapeshifting. Science shows that among wolves the intensity of red is associated with increased release of adrenaline. The coats of purebred wolves raised in captivity will gradually fade to blonde, but if subjected again to conditions that spur adrenaline production, the coats will again redden within a few generations. This same phenomemon has not been noticed among humans.

Connections to King Scorpion

The status of king Scorpion at Hierakonpolis is hard to explain because the writing of his royal name and titulary (rosette plus name instead of name within the serekh) and the discovery of his macehead at Nekhen do not indicate a Hierakonpolite origin for Scorpion. Iry Hor had an unusual royal name designation too as did Narmer. It is possible that Scorpion was a roughly contemporary of Hor-Ka, and that the former ruled in the region of Nekhen. Before the rule of Scorpion, the kings were only local chieftains (Totemistic) whose totems or clan symbols were as follows:

  • Oryx
  • Shell
  • Fish
  • Elephant
  • Bull
  • Stork

[| War of Vesosis and Tanausis]

The War of Vesosis and Tanausis is described in Jordanes' semi-historical account of the Goths as happening in remote antiquity when Vesosis, king of the Egyptians, made war against them. Their king at that time was Tanausis. In a battle at the river Phasis (in Colchis, modern Georgia), Tanausis, king of the Goths met Vesosis, king of the Egyptians, and there inflicted a severe defeat upon him, pursuing him even to Egypt.

Although this event has been associated by some with events related to the period of 1323-1290 BC between the Goths and Egyptians, it not supported entirely by archaeological record, and is only supposed to have occurred after the great flood. I mention this here because this battle is consistent with the prediluvian archaelogical record showing conflict between the Post Abellian (Dynasty 00) Egyptian and Akkadian conflict represented by the story of Cain (Tainite Dynasty 0) and Seth (Akkadian dynasty 1) as recorded both in the Hebrew texts and the archaeological records of Tainite Dynasty memorials in Egypt.

Relationship of Scorpion I and Scorpion II

It is my opinion based on Hebrew text and absence of refuting evidence that Scorpion I and Scorpion II were the same individual. The rule if King Scorpion was interrupted by the reign of his nephew Hor-Aha (The son of Set). He was likely the brother in law of Iry-Hor his immediate predecessor.


  1. Palermo Stone -
  2. Turin Royal Canon -

From grandparents to grandchildren

birth: -3759, Eden
marriage: w לילית
marriage: Eva , Eden
death: -2829
birth: -3759, Eden
marriage: Adam , Eden
death: -2829
== 2 ==
marriage: Azura ? (Sons of God)
birth: -3629
death: -2717
King Scorpion I Sekhen Ka (Osirus) (Cain)
birth: Akkadia
marriage: Аvan
title: Tainite Dynasty 0
residence: Tanis
title: about -3200, Pharaoh of Egypt
title: about -3100, Pharaoh of Upper Egypt
burial: Umm el-Qa'ab
== 2 ==

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