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Vache I (Vasak) Mamikonian b. estimated 275 d. about 335

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Lineage Mamikonian
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Vache I (Vasak) Mamikonian
Wiki-page wikipedia:nl:Mamikonian


estimated 275 birth:

estimated 300 child birth: w Artavazd II (Vardan) Mamikonian [Mamikonian] b. estimated 300 d. after 350

305 child birth: Daughter of Vache I [Mamikonian] b. 305

about 335 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Vache I (Vasak) Mamikonian
birth: estimated 275
death: about 335
== 1 ==
Artavazd II (Vardan) Mamikonian
birth: estimated 300
death: after 350
Arshavir I Kamsarakan
birth: 300
title: Prince of Shirak
marriage: Daughter of Vache I
death: 356
Emanuel (IManuel I) Mamikonian
birth: estimated 330
death: after 384
Sanducht Mamikonian
birth: estimated 335
death: about 350
Spandarat I Kamsarakan
birth: 325
title: 360, Prince of Taron
birth: 369, Prince of Shirak and Arsharounik
death: 375

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