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Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos d. 831

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Lineage Krum's Dynasty
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos

Krum ? (Khan of Bulgaria) [Krum's Dynasty] d. 13 April 814

Wiki-page wikipedia:Omurtag_of_Bulgaria


child birth: Enravota (Ingvar) Kubratos [Krum's Dynasty] d. 833

child birth: Quetrades Kubrat (Moutanes) [Krum's Dynasty]

between 814 and 831 title: Khan of Bulgaria

814 child birth: Zvinitsa [Krum's Dynasty] b. 814 d. 831

after 815 child birth: w Malamir (Balamir) Kubratos [Krum's Dynasty] b. after 815 d. 836

831 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Kardam Kubratus (of Bulgaria)
title: хан болгарский от 777-803
death: about 804
Krum ? (Khan of Bulgaria)
title: хан Болгарский(803-814)
other: 813, Siege of Constantinople
death: 13 April 814
== 3 ==
Randalin Corvinus
birth: Black Sea Region, Near the Pontic Littoral, Iran
marriage: Ragnar ? (Not Ring)
Omurtag of Bulgaria Kubratos
title: between 814 and 831, Khan of Bulgaria
death: 831
== 3 ==
birth: 814
death: 831, Gardariki, Rusland
Auda Ragnarsdotter
birth: estimated 780
Bjorn Ragnarsson (Not Ironside)
birth: 800, Husaby on Munso, Malaren
death: after 860
burial: Jarnsida Barrow, Upland, Þorgautr (Thorgaut......)
Malamir (Balamir) Kubratos
birth: after 815
title: between 831 and 836, Khan of Bulgaria
death: 836
Pressian I Kubratos
title: from 836 - 852, Governor of Rus Bashtu
death: 852

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