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Siward Langtree (the Saxon) b. estimated 1015 d. 26 March 1055

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Lineage House of Holdger
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Siward Langtree
Other last names the Saxon

Biorn (Bjorn) Styrbiornsson (Styrbjornsson) [Iwar] b. about 975 d. 1034

Wiki-page wikipedia:Siward, Earl of Northumbria


estimated 1015 birth:

marriage: Ælfflæd of Bamburgh [Bamburgh]

estimated 1015 child birth: Sibyl Siwardsdotter [House of Holdger] b. estimated 1015

1020 child birth: Northumberland (England), Ealdgyth Siwardsdotter (Langtree) [Langtree] b. 1020 d. 1040

estimated 1050 child birth: Waltheof II FitzSiward [Huntingdon] b. estimated 1050 d. 31 May 1076

26 March 1055 death: York (England)

burial: York (England), St Marys

[edit] Sources

  1. - Son of Bjorn Jarl of England

From grandparents to grandchildren

Emund Olavson Munso
death: 965
burial: Bjork i hauga
Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling)
birth: about 960
marriage: Sigrid Mieskaya (Sigrid Storrada)
title: from 986 - 3 February 1014, King of Denmark
title: from 986 - 995, King of Norway
title: from 1013 - 1014, König von England
title: from 25 December 1013 - 3 February 1014, Король Норвегии
death: 3 February 1014
Thyra Haraldsdotter (Daneknecht)
birth: estimated 939
death: 1000
Thorkils Sprakalegg
birth: estimated 970
Sigen (Cygen)
birth: estimated 990
birth: estimated 995
death: after 1045
== 3 ==
Ψ Nn
birth: estimated 995
Siward Langtree (the Saxon)
birth: estimated 1015
marriage: Ælfflæd of Bamburgh
death: 26 March 1055, York (England)
burial: York (England), St Marys
== 3 ==
Duncan I MacKennit
birth: about 1001
death: 14 August 1040, Elgin (Moray), Scotland, Pitgaveny
burial: Iona Abbey
Sibyl Siwardsdotter
birth: estimated 1015
Maldred macCrínán (Dunbar)
birth: 1003, Dunbar (Scotland)
title: Lord of Allerdale
death: 1045
Ealdgyth Siwardsdotter (Langtree)
birth: 1020, Northumberland (England)
death: 1040, Y (Somme), Picardie, France
Waltheof II FitzSiward
birth: estimated 1050
marriage: Judith Albemarle (of Lens)
death: 31 May 1076
burial: Crowland, Crowland Abbey
Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland)
birth: about 1045, Budapest, Hungary
marriage: Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 16 November 1093, Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Castle
burial: Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
Malcolm III of Scotland (Canmore)
birth: 26 March 1031, Atholl, Scotland
marriage: Margaret of Wessex (of Scotland) , Dunfermline, Dunfermline Abbey
death: 13 November 1093, Alnwick, England
burial: Tynemouth, Tynemouth Priory
Donald III Bane
birth: about 1033
title: from 1093 - 1097, King of Scots
death: 1099
Gospatric FitzMaldred
birth: about 1040, Galloway, Scotland
title: from 1067 - 1068, Earl of Northumbria
title: from 1072 - 1075, Earl of Dunbar
death: 1075, Norham, Northumberland, England
Maldred de Molle (of Winalton)
birth: 1045
death: 1100
David I of Scotland (Caenmor, Canmore)
birth: 1084, Edinburgh (Scotland), Mid, Lothian,
marriage: Matilda FitzWaltheof (of Northumberland)
death: 24 May 1153, Carlisle (Cumbria), England, then in Cumberland
burial: Dunfermline, Scotland, Dunfermline Abbey
Matilda FitzWaltheof (of Northumberland)
birth: between 1071 and 1074
title: comtesse d'Huntingdon
marriage: David I of Scotland (Caenmor, Canmore)
death: 23 April 1130, Scone (Perth and Kinross)
Raoul III de Tosny
birth: 1029
title: seigneur de Conches-en-Ouche
marriage: Adelise (Alice of Northumbria) FitzWaltheof (de Lens)
death: 24 March 1101

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