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Oo Yo Sti Otiyu ? (Wolf Clan)

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Lineage Moytoy
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Oo Yo Sti Otiyu ?
Other last names Wolf Clan

Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee) [Moytoy] b. 1640 d. 1730

Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) [?] b. 1640 d. 1692


child birth: ? (Sister of Old Tassel, Paint) [?]

child birth: w Rayetaeh Utisdgata Coo Di (Old Tassel) [Coody]


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Pride ? (Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
marriage count: 1630, Virginia, Stinking River, Shawnee Nation
Taminad Munsawghe
birth: 1620, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee
death: 1730, Cherokee (Tennessee), Washington County (Tennessee), Tennessee
birth: 1622, Ohio
Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee)
birth: 1640, Chota (Tennessee), Crockett County (Tennessee), Tennessee, USA
marriage: Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1730, Tennessee, USA, Cherokee Nation East
Locha ? (Shawnee, Cheney, Taini - Shawnee)
birth: 1640, Virginia, Stinking River, Iroquois Nation
marriage: Amatoya Moytoy (Tainesi Cherokee) , Virginia, Shawnee Nation
death: 1692, Great Tellico, Tennessee, Overhills
== 3 ==
Moytoy I Chota (of Tainesi (Cherokee))
occupation: between 1700 and 1730, Chief Chota
John Bowles
birth: Scotland
== 3 ==
(Traider) John Watts
birth: Overhill Town, Little Tennessee
Eughiootie Tassell Coody
birth: 1706
birth: 1734, Tennessee, USA, Cherokee Nation East

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