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Anna Enisson b. estimated 590 d. 654

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Lineage Wuffingas
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Anna Enisson

Ennius Oening [Wuffingas]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Anna of East Anglia


estimated 590 birth:

marriage: Saewara [?]

estimated 625 child birth: Saxeburg Annasdotter (of Ely) [Ening] b. estimated 625 d. 699

636 child birth: Exning, near Newmarket in Suffolk, Aetheltryth Annasdotter [Ening] b. 636 d. 23 June 679

654 death:

burial: Blythburg, assumed


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Raedwald Wuffingas
birth: Sutton Hoo
burial: 560
burial: 624, Woodbridge (Suffolk), England
Ennius Oening
title: between 616 and 624, Prince of East Anglia
== 3 ==
Anna Enisson
birth: estimated 590
marriage: Saewara
death: 654
burial: Blythburg, assumed
== 3 ==
Eorcenberht (Escuin)
birth: about 620
marriage: Saxeburg Annasdotter (of Ely)
title: from 640 - 14 July 664, Король Кентский
death: 14 July 664
Saxeburg Annasdotter (of Ely)
birth: estimated 625
marriage: Eorcenberht (Escuin)
death: 699
burial: Ely
Cuthred Oswiuson
birth: 645
marriage: Aetheltryth Annasdotter
death: 20 May 685, Nechtansmere near Dunnichen
Aetheltryth Annasdotter
birth: 636, Exning, near Newmarket in Suffolk
occupation: Abbess of Ely
marriage: Tondberct Gyrvin
marriage: Cuthred Oswiuson
death: 23 June 679
title: from 673 - 6 February 685, Король Кентский
death: 6 February 685
Egbert I van Kent
birth: estimated 650
title: from 664 - 4 July 673, Король Кентский
death: 4 July 673

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