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Egilona ? (Egitania)

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<person> <person>
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 + <clan>[[Clan:-]]</clan>
<fname>? <fname>?
Egitania</fname> Egitania</fname>

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Lineage -
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Egilona ?
Other last names Egitania
Other given names Ayla o Ailó, Umm ‘Asim

Egicus Egiltania (de Goth) [Egiltaina] b. about 610 d. 702

Cixillo d'Ardabast [Ardabast]

Wiki-page wikipedia:Egilona


marriage: w Roderick Baetica (de Goth) [Visigoth]

about 710 child birth: 'A'isha Bint 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Musa ben Nuseir el-Bekir [Banu Umayyah] b. about 710

717 marriage count: Spain - Marriage to Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa


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This is a controversial record that may be under dispute.
Please read discussion page for details and discuss substantial changes here before making them. Make sure to supply full citations when adding information and consider tagging or removing uncited/unciteable information.

Controversial sources.

  • Wikipedia page gives neither ascendance nore descent to this person.
  • Paul Lunde does not give any family link to Egilona. This source is a copy paste from Wikipedia
  • condadodecastilla is just a blog.
  • Antonio Valladars de Sotomayor and others: Page numbers?
  • Rafik Darragi: title is misspelled.
  • Using "mariage count" tag, shows the user does not know how Rodovid works.

[edit] Sources

  1. LUNDE, Paul (1993): "Ishbiliyah, Islamic Seville" in Saudi Aramco World, pages 20–31, January/February 1993 issue -
  2. -
  3. Antonio Valladars de Sotomayor, La Egilona, viuda del rey don Rodrigo, 1790 -
  4. Jose Vargas Ponce. Tragedia de Abdalaziz y Egolona 1804 -
  5. Rafik Darragi. Egilona, la dernier reine de Wisigoths 2002 -
  6. Provencal, Levi. Encyclopedia of Islam New Edition Vol. 1 A-B. (Leiden, the Netherlands: E.J. Brill, 1960), 58. - Marriage to Egilona

From grandparents to grandchildren

Favila ? (Wisigoths)
title: Duc des Asturies
death: 701
title: Duque de Córdoba
Flavia Glaswintha Tabira
birth: about 640
marriage: Froyla Ferrández , Second mariage of Glaswintha
marriage: Ardabast , Toledo (Spain), first mariage of Glaswitha
birth: 639, Hispania
marriage: Ariberga
title: from 653 - 672, Hispania, King of the Visigoths
death: 672, Hispania
title: between 21 September 672 and 680, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
death: 687, Pamplica, Cluniensis, Tarraconense, Hispania
birth: estimated 640
marriage: Bera II
Vitulo (Witulus) Ferrández
title: Señor de Monterroso
property: tenía su divisa en el paso Darcos Dasma
title: between 681 and 688, Toledo, Conde de los patrimonios
Ervig d'Ardabast
birth: estimated 655
title: between 680 and 15 November 687, Visigothic King
death: 15 November 687
Egicus Egiltania (de Goth)
birth: about 610
marriage: Cixillo d'Ardabast
title: between 687 and 702, Vizigothic King of Spain
death: 702
Evan d'Ardabast
fact 1: Tangier, Morocco, Exile to Tangiers Morocco
Sisebert d'Ardabast
fact 1: Tangier, Morocco, Exile to Tangier Morocco
== 3 ==
Witiza d'Ardobast
birth: 687
title: from 702 - 710, Rey de los visigodos
death: 710
Oppa ? (Egiltaina)
title: Seville, Bishop of Seville
death: 712
Sisebert (Sisebut)
title: Count of Coimbra
Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
marriage: Egilona ? (Egitania)
residence: Córdoba (Andalusia), Musa's son, Abdelaziz, was left in command; he had had fighting enough, settled in Córdoba, and is said to have married the widow of Roderic, thus repeating the story of the Goth Ataulf and the fair Placidia. Musa found no welcome at Damascus; he was disgraced and punished; nor did Abdelaziz long maintain his court at Córdoba; suspected of aiming at independence of the caliph, he was assassinated.
fact 1: 5 April 713, Treaty of Tudmir
death: 717, Seville, Spain, assasinated by Ziyad ibn Udhra, one of his fighters, who murdered him whilst he was praying in a mosque in Seville (formerly Church of Santa Rufina).
Roderick Baetica (de Goth)
marriage: Egilona ? (Egitania)
title: between 710 and 711, Hispania, Rey de los visigodos
Egilona ? (Egitania)
marriage: Roderick Baetica (de Goth)
marriage count: 717, Spain - Marriage to Abd Al-Aziz ibn Musa
== 3 ==
Musa ibn Fortun de Zaragoza
birth: before 740
death: 801

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