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Gorm Haraldsson (The Old) b. 890 d. before 950

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The Old</fname> The Old</fname>
<name>Gorm</name> <name>Gorm</name>
- <children>121666</children>+ <children>121666:h</children>
<wiki_page>[[wikipedia:Gorm_the_Old]]</wiki_page> <wiki_page>[[wikipedia:Gorm_the_Old]]</wiki_page>
<ext>{{Place name error|Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Danmark}} <ext>{{Place name error|Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Danmark}}
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<ev_type>BIRT</ev_type> <ev_type>BIRT</ev_type>
<year>890</year> <year>890</year>
- <place>[[Place:Jellinge]], [[Place:Vejle]], [[Place:Denmark]]</place>+ <place>[[Place:Jelling]]</place>
</events> </events>
<events> <events>

Current revision

Lineage Jelling
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Gorm Haraldsson
Other last names The Old
Wiki-page wikipedia:Gorm_the_Old


890 birth: Jelling

910 child birth: Normandie, France, Harald Gormsson (Bluetooth) [Jelling] b. 910 d. 1 December 986

between 936 and 935 title: King of Denmark

before 950 death: Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Danmark

burial: Jelling


Place name error !
Image:LieuLogo60x60.jpg Warning, we tried to find one place cited on this record, and we did not find it !
  • Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Danmark

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[edit] Sources

  1. -
  2. Chronologia Danica, qua 1. Noachidarum series exhibetur, 2. Judicum Cimbriae & Gothiae anni recensentur, et III. serenissimorum ac potentissimorum Daniae regum tempora, a prima regni origine ad annum Christi [1650], dynastiis VIII, diriguntur... conscripta a Johanne Jani Svaningio... Hans Jensen Svaning, Martzan typis & sumptibus Melchioris Martzan, 1650 -

From grandparents to grandchildren

== 1 ==
Thyra -
birth: about 895
death: about 935
burial: Jelling
Gorm Haraldsson (The Old)
birth: 890, Jelling
title: between 936 and 935, King of Denmark
death: before 950, Gormshoj, Jellinge, Vejle, Danmark
burial: Jelling
== 1 ==
birth: estimated 945
title: from 952 - 970, reine consort de Danemark
marriage: Harald Gormsson (Bluetooth)
death: before 970
Harald Gormsson (Bluetooth)
birth: 910, Normandie, France
title: 958, King of Denmark
marriage: Гунхільда
death: 1 December 986
burial: Roskilde
Sweyn Forkbeard (Knytling)
birth: about 960
title: from 986 - 3 February 1014, King of Denmark
title: from 986 - 995, King of Norway
title: from 1013 - 1014, König von England
title: from 25 December 1013 - 3 February 1014, Король Норвегии
death: 3 February 1014
Thyra Haraldsdotter (Daneknecht)
birth: estimated 939
death: 1000

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