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Maren Hansen (Hansen) b. 23 January 1878 d. estimated 1960

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Hansen</fname> Hansen</fname>
<name>Maren</name> <name>Maren</name>
 + <parents>1143683,1143686</parents>
<children>692451</children> <children>692451</children>
<language>en</language> <language>en</language>
Line 13: Line 14:
<ev_id>1365234</ev_id> <ev_id>1365234</ev_id>
<ev_type>BIRT</ev_type> <ev_type>BIRT</ev_type>
 + <day>23</day>
 + <month>1</month>
<year>1878</year> <year>1878</year>
- <date_status>EST</date_status> 
<place>[[Place:Vantinge]]</place> <place>[[Place:Vantinge]]</place>
</events> </events>

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Lineage Hansen
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Maren Hansen
Other last names Hansen

Anders Hansen [Hansen]

Loucie Charlotte Jacobsen [Jacobsen] b. 17 December 1840 d. estimated 1915


23 January 1878 birth: Vantinge

marriage: Hans Peder Vilhelm Hansen [Hansen]

4 February 1917 child birth: Herrested, Johanne Østergaard Hansen (Knudsen) [Østergaard Hansen] b. 4 February 1917 d. September 2011

estimated 1960 death: Kragelund

From grandparents to grandchildren

Hans Andersen
birth: estimated 1798, Hillerslev
Maren Knudsdatter
birth: estimated 1801, Ringe
Jacob Madsen
birth: estimated 1800, Ryslinge
Karen Rasmusdatter
birth: estimated 1799
Loucie Charlotte Jacobsen
birth: 17 December 1840, Rynkeby Mark, Ringe
death: estimated 1915
== 3 ==
Maren Hansen (Hansen)
birth: 23 January 1878, Vantinge
marriage: Hans Peder Vilhelm Hansen
death: estimated 1960, Kragelund
== 3 ==
Arne Knudsen
birth: 31 January 1916, Hylke
marriage: Johanne Østergaard Hansen (Knudsen)
death: 28 December 1994
Johanne Østergaard Hansen (Knudsen)
birth: 4 February 1917, Herrested
marriage: Arne Knudsen
death: September 2011
Birthe Elise Jørgensen (Knudsen)
birth: 18 December 1948, Vissenbjerg
marriage: Hans Jørgen Knudsen
death: 7 March 2016, København

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