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Mary Walker b. 1663 d. 24 October 1739

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Lineage Walker
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Mary Walker

Francis Walker [Walker] b. 1645 d. 1702

Elizabeth Soule [Soule] b. 1645 d. 2 January 1716


1663 birth: Woodbridge Township (New Jersey)

marriage: John Ayers [Ayers] b. 2 March 1663 d. 4 October 1732

4 March 1700 child birth: Woodbridge Township (New Jersey), USA, Nathaniel Ayers [Ayers] b. 4 March 1700 d. 12 February 1777

24 October 1739 death: Basking Ridge (New Jersey), USA


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From grandparents to grandchildren

Joseph Walker
birth: 1599, King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, England
death: 7 November 1683, Portsmouth (New Hampshire), USA
Hannah Philbrick
birth: 1602, Bures St. Mary, Suffolk (England)
death: 1660, Portsmouth (New Hampshire), USA
Sarah Soole
birth: 8 June 1600, Kent (England)
marriage: Samuel Hinckley , Kent (England)
death: 18 August 1656, Barnstable (Massachusetts)
George Soule
birth: 1593, Eckington (Worcestershire), England
death: 22 January 1679, Duxbury (Massachusetts)
Mary Becket
birth: 17 January 1590, London, England, St Botolphs, Aldersgate
death: 16 December 1676
Francis Walker
birth: 1645, Middleton (Massachusetts)
death: 1702, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey), USA
Elizabeth Soule
birth: 1645, Duxbury (Massachusetts)
death: 2 January 1716, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey)
== 3 ==
John Ayers
birth: 2 March 1663, Newbury (Massachusetts)
marriage: Mary Walker
death: 4 October 1732, Basking Ridge (New Jersey)
Mary Walker
birth: 1663, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey)
marriage: John Ayers
death: 24 October 1739, Basking Ridge (New Jersey), USA
== 3 ==
Rhoda Ayers
birth: 12 April 1700, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey), USA
marriage: Nathaniel Ayers
death: 1809, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey), USA
Nathaniel Ayers
birth: 4 March 1700, Woodbridge Township (New Jersey), USA
marriage: Rhoda Ayers
death: 12 February 1777, Basking Ridge (New Jersey), USA
Jonathan Ayers
birth: 1739, Basking Ridge (New Jersey), Somerset County (New Jersey), USA
marriage: Phoebe Brown
death: 6 April 1814, Bernardstown, Somerset, New Jersey, USA
Elisha Ayers
birth: 1721
birth: 1801

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