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The name Sidhe is a Gaelic spelling that is pronounces (Sith) and is used to designate a lineage that originated in the Proto-Iranian are of Scythia. The Sidhe were famous for their Blue Eyes and Red Hair a genetic mutation that originated in Scythia approximately 18000 BCE. This mutation was something that at the time was share only by Wolves. Thus Scythia was often referred to in the ancient histories as the land of the Dog men. The Scythian lineages migrating westward are mentioned in the Lebor Gebala Ireinn as settling in the Atlantic Islands in the wake of the receding Glaciation. One of these Island chains was that of the Canaries of the Island of Dogs... also referred to as the Fair Isles and the Isles of the Blessed. I believe there is a connection. Almoustine 14:25, 14 August 2008 (EEST)

In the instance of Sidhe used as a surname to identify the antecedents of Modron ? (of the Shining Isles, Sidhe) (?, ?). This is a tribute to the legends and sources in which Modron is refered to as a Washer Woman, a term used interchangably with Sidhe and Fae to refer to fair skinned foreign women who were often regarded as "otherworldly." I believe the term Sidhe was used in reference to Modron due to the surname of her family Sidonis Apollinaris which to the Welsh and Irish would have been interpreted as the fairies of Avallon. Apfallon is used to refer to the kings of Avallon and is an ancient Dacio/Sarmation word for Apple. Almoustine 04:41, 25 August 2008 (EEST)

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  1. Achtan Sidhe
  2. Alcimus Sidonius (Alcimus Ecdicius Avitus)
  3. Allot IlAgni
  4. Allot IlNenual
  5. Allot IlOgamain
  6. * Apollinaris Sidonius
  7. Apollinaris Sidonius (Gaius Sollius Modestus Apollinaris Sidonius) b. 23 August 431
  8. Apollinaris Sidonius (Praetorius)
  9. Apollinaris Sidonius b. 405
  10. Eber Dubh (the Black)
  11. En IlOcce
  12. * Erglan IlBeoan
  13. * Matach IlBeoan
  14. Nemed IlAllot
  15. Nenual IlNemed
  16. Occe IlAllot
  17. Ogamain IlToithecht
  18. * Olc Acha
  19. Severius Sidonius b. 431
  20. Sidonius Apollinaris b. November 430 d. August 489
  21. Sidonius ap Urien Orkades (Sidonius Arcadius)
  22. Tetrech IlEber
  23. Toithecht IlTetrech
  24. Tullia Papianilla (Daughter of Sidonus Apollonaris)
  25. Ucce IlAllot
  26. Un IlUcce

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