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The Langbardi and Langobards (Longbeard, Lombard) are synonomous and are associated with an eastern origin. The name Langobardi is actually a nickname associated with their religious beliefs rather than any tribal affiliation. The evidence to suggest that the Langobardi were comprised of several different ethnic tribes is simply too overwhelming to ignore. Some of the visible or cultural practices common to this composite group of people were as follows:

   * Long hair and beards (Langobardi)
   * Divine/Sacrificial Kings
   * Ritual Posession
   * Worship of Divine Twins (Most often a YingYang style male/female pairing)
   * Belief in the resurrection
   * Belief in Angels
   * Bardic Prophets
   * Worship in sacred Groves and stone circles
   * Noble Priesthood
   * Baptism by Fire and Water
   * Shared sacred symbolism included: Apples, Bovine, Bees, Sword, Chalis, Fish, Bread, Wine 

It is suggested that the religious ideals of this group were a synthesis of Eastern Zoroastrian (Persian) and Egyptian Pharonic religious practices. It seemed to have reached its flower in the region of Dacio-Sarmatia from whence it spread. Related to Mithraism, it was also popular with the common soldiery of the Roman Empire.

Participating Ethnic Groups:

   * Dacians (Geats and Sarmatians)
   * Goths (Visigoths and Ostrogoths)
   * Rosomani
   * Scandinavian (Winilli, Yngling, Dagling, and Ulving [subsepts], Clans)
   * Syrian (Severians, Palmyrans, Nazarenes)
   * France and Germany (Sahlian Franks)
   * Related to the Druid cults of Hibernia, Isle of Man, Wales and the Dalriada

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  1. (Eugene I) Eochaid Mugmeddon (Ethedius) [Longbeard] d. 365
  2. Art MacCuinn [Longbeard] d. about 195
  3. * Basina of Thuringia [?] b. estimated 445 d. about 491
  4. Benoic deBors [Liething]
  5. Cairbre Lifechair ? (Liffecair) [Longbeard] d. about 284
  6. Claffon de Lombardie [Liething] b. about 460
  7. w Claffon (Clovis) de Lombard [Liething] b. about 400 d. 460
  8. Clodius (Gudeoc) Lombard [Liething] b. about 330
  9. Conn Cétchathach [Longbeard] d. about 157
  10. Cormac macAirt (Ulfada) [Longbeard] d. about 266
  11. Erc (Eugenius II) mac Erca (Montremuir) [Longbeard]
  12. w Fedlimid Rechtmar [Longbeard] d. 119
  13. Feradach Dathí [Longbeard]
  14. Fergus I (Fíachra) Mugmedon [Longbeard]
  15. Fergus II (Fiachu) MacErcdach (More) [Longbeard]
  16. Fiacha Sraibhtine [Longbeard] d. about 322
  17. Hildechis [Liething]
  18. * Hildegonde ? (de Lombardie) [?] b. about 375
  19. Hildeoc Lombard [Liething] b. 330
  20. w Ildichus Exhilos [Liething]
  21. Isurnia of Apulia [Longbeard]
  22. * Lambord Desposyni [Liething] b. 468
  23. Leupichis (Lupo) Pucelinus Desposyni (deBors (Budoj II)) [Liething] b. 495 d. 544
  24. * Litho (Leitho) Lombard [Liething] b. about 300
  25. w Muiredach Tirech [Longbeard] d. about 356
  26. Rumitrada [Liething]
  27. Tato (Theodo) de Lombard (Thalassas) [Liething] d. 510
  28. Unichus (Erichus) (Henricus) ? (de Lombard) [Liething] b. about 460
  29. Wacchon de Lombard [Liething] b. estimated 480 d. 540
  30. w Waldrada de Lombard [Liething] b. estimated 530
  31. Waltari Heruli [Liething]
  32. Wisagarde de Lombard [Liething]

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