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Help:Copy of Gedcom records to Rodovid

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If you have records with detailed information in a Gedcom file, you can copy-paste them into Rodovid.

  1. First, use your genealogy application to view each record in raw Gedcom text. If you don't have that kind of option in your program, you can use a simple free tool like GEDCOM Viewer.
  2. On Rodovid, click on "my preferences" (in the upper right corner of any page), then choose the tab "Genealogy". Change the line "Editing interface" from "form" to "gedcom" and click on the button "Save".
  3. In your genealogy file, copy the raw Gedcom text of the record you have selected.
  4. On Rodovid, open a page for the new record (if it is an individual, click on Add a person, if it is a family, click on Add a family]]).
  5. In the editing frame, delete the existing text and paste the content of your record.
  6. Finally click on "Save page" to add the record on Rodovid.
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