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In Rodovid, advanced search can be used to find pesons who lived :

  • a particular event
  • in a particular place
  • in a particular period

[edit] Use

  1. Click on advanced search in left side of the site.
  2. choose an event in the left pop-up (these are gedcom format events)
  3. write the name of a place, just as it has been recorded in Rodovid.
  4. You can add an additional info, according to what you choosed as event (profession, title etc.)
  5. Choose a begining date for the period. This date will be included in the period.
  6. Choose an ending date for the period. This date will be excluded in the period
  7. Choose the key sort: Date, Last name, Lineage.
  8. Click on : "Validate"

[edit] Tips and tricks

  • Take care of typographic case!
  • It is possible to chose several events types in the list : Ctrl+click wit windows. The nature of events will be shown in the list of answers, line by line.
  • All fields are optional except the place.
  • When the event date has not been entered in the person profile (or family), this plug is not found if limits mini / maxi were listed in the search engine. To find the undated events, do not give search dates.
  • For dates prior to the year one thousand, you still have to enter the four-digit (0800 to the year 800, for example)
  • Not working before January 1 of the year 0001 ...
  • The advanced search functions on all of the database in any language. So a search for "all events" can give more results than the "linked pages" for a page "Location:" given. The "linked pages" function takes into account that the english version.

[edit] See also

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