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Family: Adela FitzWilliam + Stephen II Henri

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Adela FitzWilliam [Normandy] b. about 1062 d. 8 March 1138

Stephen II Henri (de Blois) [Blois] b. about 1045 d. 19 May 1102


Theobald IV van Blois (Theobald the Great, Theobald IV, Theobald II) [Blois] b. between 1090 and 1095 d. 10 January 1152

Stephen of Blois [Blois] b. about 1092 d. 25 October 1154

Alice de Blois [Blois] b. before 1102 d. 1145

Adela de Blois [Blois] b. 1092 d. after 1118

Eudes de Blois [Blois]

Guillaume de Chartres [Blois] b. about 1081 d. 1150

Оthon de Blois [Blois]

Lucie de Blois [Blois] b. 1095 d. 25 November 1120

Agnès de Blois [Blois] b. between 1086 and 1088 d. 1129

Элеонора де Блуа [Blois] b. about 1102 d. 1141

Philippe de Blois [Blois] d. 1100

Henri de Blois [Blois] b. 1096 d. 9 August 1171

Mathilde de Blois [Blois] d. 1120


1080 marriage: Breteuil


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  • Breteuil

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