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Family: Engelbert I. von Nassau-Dillenburg + Johanna de Polanen

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<parents>10300:,10427:</parents> <parents>10300:,10427:</parents>
<ind_refs>[[Source:GEDCOM]]::PauwelvanNassau.ged::FAM @F24488@::Kjansen</ind_refs> <ind_refs>[[Source:GEDCOM]]::PauwelvanNassau.ged::FAM @F24488@::Kjansen</ind_refs>
- <ext>+ <ext>{{Needsources}}Bron: W.v.Oranje, J.J. Mostard, blz 10</ext>
-Bron: W.v.Oranje, J.J. Mostard, blz 10</ext>+
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w Engelbert I. von Nassau-Dillenburg [Nassau] b. 1370 d. 3 May 1442

Johanna de Polanen [Polanen] b. 10 January 1392 d. 15 May 1445


Maria von Nassau-Dillenburg [Nassau] b. 2 February 1418 d. 11 October 1472

Heinrich II. von Nassau-Dillenburg [House of Nassau] b. 7 January 1414 d. 18 January 1451

Margarethe van Nassau [House of Nassau] b. 1415 d. 27 May 1467

Johann IV von Nassau-Dillenburg [Nassau] b. 1 August 1410 d. 3 February 1475

Reference numbers GEDCOM::PauwelvanNassau.ged::FAM @F24488@::Kjansen


1 August 1403 marriage: Breda


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Bron: W.v.Oranje, J.J. Mostard, blz 10

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