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Family: Francisco de Aguirre + María de Torres y Meneses

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Francisco de Aguirre [Aguirre] b. 1508 d. after 1 August 1580

María de Torres y Meneses [Torres]


Francisco de Aguirre + María de Torres y Meneses

Hernando de Aguirre [Aguirre] b. 1528 d. before 1609

Valeriano de Aguirrre [Aguirre] d. 1564

Constanza de Meneses [Aguirre]

Isabel de Aguirre [Aguirre]

Eufrasia de Aguirre [Aguirre]

Francisco de Aguirre (El Mozo) [Aguirre] d. 1564

Francisco de Aguirre

Marco Antonio Aguirre [Aguirre]

Florián de Aguirre [Aguirre]

Diego de Aguirre [Aguirre] d. before 1580

NIcolás de Aguirre [Aguirre] d. before 1580

Gracián de Aguirre [Aguirre] d. after 1564

Pedro de Aguirre [Aguirre] d. after 1591



marriage: Talavera de la Reina, España


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eran primos hermanos

[edit] Sources

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