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Family: Kunegonde + Wigerich (Voiry) van Lotharingen

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Wigerich (Voiry) van Lotharingen [Wigerid] b. about 870 d. before 922

Kunegonde [Karolingen] b. between 888 and 895 d. after 923


w Friedrich I von Oberlothringen [Ardennes-Bar] b. between 910 and 915 d. June 978

Sigfried (Sigefroid) of Luxembourg [Ardennes-Luxembourg] b. between 918 and 929 d. 28 August 998

Gozelo Verdun (d'Ardenne) [Ardennes-Verdun] b. 911 d. between 19 October 942 and 16 February 943

Luitgard van Lotharingen [Wigerik] b. estimated 910 d. after 8 April 960

w Adalbero I von Bar [Wigeriche] d. 962


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