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From a letter written by Brian Thomson, Bsc PhD, Scot Roots, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.: 6th Jan 2007

" The oldest parish record that Scots Roots has ever had to retrieve for a client is the record indicating the birth of Thomas Gordon in 1584.This is before many Parish registers had even begun, and indeed it is one of the very first entries in the Aberdeen Register, which began in 1583, the year of his birth. The Record shows that Thomas Gordone[ spelling was an inexact science in those days] was baptized on 24th May 1584 at Aberdeen, the Father being an Archbald Gordone and the mother Kattrin Cheyne." [ this suggest that Archabald was born ca. 1540-1565,Kattrin proly. 10-15 yrs. later]

Dr. Thomson goes on to write that Thomas was 45 when he married 31 May 1629 Margaret Milne. Thomas and Margaret had a son Alexander baptized 4 Aug 1635.

He supports his letter with photo copy's of the registers from which he gleened this information.

Regard's Cousin, [Howell,Howell,Young,Sibil Gordon,Phineas,Jonathan,Alexander,Daniel,Alexander1635]

Charles Howell Seattle, Washington

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