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[edit] Copy paste a non genealogical text originaly written in this record

In the city of Karak in Jordan, some tribes who are Muslim are descendants of the Ghassanids. These families are now known as the Ghassasinah, they live in Karak, mainly in the villages: Ma'mooniyah, Adnaniyyah, Ghweir, Zhoum, Thaniyyah. They have formed a single tribe called the Ghassasinah which is considered the largest tribe in the city of Karak.

  • Suheimat,
  • Dmour,
  • Adaileh,
  • Imbaydeen,
  • Bawaleez,
  • Karakieen,
  • Soub.

Following are additional families (of mixed Christian and Muslim) of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine trace their roots to the Ghassanid dynasty. The religious backgrounds of these families tend to be either Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic and Maronite Catholic, despite the Ghassanids' initial affiliation to Non-Chalcedonian Syriac Orthodox Christianity:

  • Kawar,
  • Abla,
  • Abou Haidar,
  • Al Ashkar,
  • Al-Khazen sheikhs (Khazens)
  • Aranki,
  • Atiyah,
  • Ayoub,
  • Ammari,
  • Aridah,
  • Azar,
  • Batarseh,
  • Barsa,
  • Barakat,
  • Baqaeen,
  • Bayouth,
  • Chakar,
  • Chalhoub,
  • Dibh,
  • Fares,
  • Farhat,
  • Farhoud,
  • Gharios,
  • Ghanem (Ghanma, Ghannoum)
  • Gholmia (Ghulmiyyah)
  • Habib,
  • Hazboun,
  • Hanna,
  • Hamra,
  • Howayek,
  • Haddad (Hattar, Haddadin)
  • Hbeish,
  • Hellou (Hilweh)
  • Ishaq,
  • Jabara (Jebara or Gebara, Gibara),
  • Kakish,
  • Kandil,
  • Karadsheh,
  • Khoury,
  • Lahd,
  • Maalouf,
  • Madi,
  • Makhlouf,
  • Matar,
  • Moghabghab,
  • Mokdad,
  • Nasir,
  • Nawfal (of Tripoli),
  • Nayfeh,
  • Naber,
  • Nimri,
  • Obeid,
  • Oweis,
  • Rached,
  • Rafeedie/Rafidi,
  • Rahhal,
  • Razook,
  • Rebeiz/Rbeiz/Rubeiz,
  • Rihani/Rayahin/Rohan,
  • Saab,
  • Salama,
  • Saliba,
  • Samara,
  • Sawalha,
  • Samawi,
  • Sarkis,
  • Sayegh, Saig, Say
  • Shammas,
  • Sheiks of Chemor,
  • Semaan (of Kaftoun),
  • Sfeir,
  • Shdid,
  • Smeirat,
  • Sweiss,
  • Sweidan,
  • Theeba,
  • Tyan
  • Qumsieh

The Palestinian city of Ramallah was historically an Arab Christian city for many centuries until the 1960s. The historical residents of Ramallah (the vast majority have immigrated to America and Canada due to the Israeli occupation) are direct descendants of the Ghassasinah Arab tribe.

In an Arabic article by the historian Habib Gamati, in al-Mossawer Magazine, Dar al-Hilal, Cairo, Egypt, dated February 19, 1954, and titled: "Tarikh Ma Ahmalahu Al-Tarikh Fi Galaat Al-Showbak"/"History Of What Was Abandoned By History At The Fortres Of Showbak [south Jordan]", it is affirmed the Rihani/Rohani/Rayahin family is a Ghassanid clan or tribe. This is in contrast to what Frederick G. Peake writes in his book "A History Of Jordan And Its Tribes", Coral Cables, 1958, who inaccurately refers to the Rihani's as crusader settlers as their ancestry once originated in the Levant.

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