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Alexandrine de Mâcon b. about 1180 d. 1242

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Lineage Bourgogne-Ivrée
Sex Female
Full name (at birth) Alexandrine de Mâcon

Géraud Ier de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Ivrée] b. about 1120 d. 15 September 1180

Maurette de Salins [Salins] b. about 1130


about 1180 birth:

marriage: Ulrich II de Baugé [Baugé] b. about 1160 d. before 1220

1242 death:


From grandparents to grandchildren

Рено III Бургундский
birth: about 1093
marriage: Agathe de Lorraine
title: from 1102 - 1148, граф Макона
title: from 1102 - 1148, граф Вьенна
title: from 1127 - 1148, пфальцграф Бургундии
death: 1148
William de Auxonne (Count of Macon and Auxonne)
birth: 1088
title: Comte de Mâcon et d'Auxonne
marriage: Poncetta de Trave
death: 27 September 1155
Gaucher III de Salins
birth: about 1110
title: Sire de Salins
death: 15 August 1175
Stephan Etienne II d'Auxonne
birth: 1130
marriage: Judith de Lorraine
death: 21 January 1173, Clairfontaine
Géraud Ier de Mâcon
birth: about 1120
title: Comte de Bourgogne
marriage: Maurette de Salins
death: 15 September 1180
Maurette de Salins
birth: about 1130
title: Dame de Salins
marriage: Géraud Ier de Mâcon
birth: after 1200
== 3 ==
Ulrique de Mâcon
birth: about 1150
marriage: Étienne II de Villars
death: after 1175
Ulrich II de Baugé
birth: about 1160
other: Capturé par les troupes de [[Personne:472082|Gérard]], comte de Mâconnais et de [[:nl:Persoon:12971|Humbert]], sire de Beaujeu
title: Seigneur de Baugé et Bresse
marriage: Alexandrine de Mâcon
marriage: Alix de Thiers-Chalon
death: before 1220
== 3 ==

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