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Eudes Ier de Troyes

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Lineage Robertian
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Eudes Ier de Troyes

w Robert III of Worms [Robertian] b. before 790 d. before 834

Wiki-page wikipedia:Odo_I,_Count_of_Troyes


child birth: ? (Daughter of Odo, Count of Troyes) [?]

child birth: w Robert de Troyes (Porte-carquois) [Robertien]

title: Comte de Troyes

From grandparents to grandchildren

Roberto II ?
birth: estimated 765
title: from 795 - 807, Comte en Wormsgau
death: 12 July 807
== 3 ==
Robert IV The Strong (Capet)
birth: calculated 830
title: from 853 - 858, comte de Tours
title: from 853 - 858, comte de Blois
title: from 853 - 858, comte d'Anjou
title: between 860 and 15 September 866, comte de Paris
title: from 861 - 865, comte de Tours
title: from 861 - 865, comte d'Anjou
title: 861, marquis de Neustrie
marriage: w Аделаида Турская
title: 865, comte d'Autun
title: 865, comte de Nevers
title: 865, comte d'Auxerre
title: 866, comte de Blois
title: 866, comte d'Anjou
death: 15 September 866, Brissarthe, France
Eudes Ier de Troyes
title: Comte de Troyes
== 3 ==
Robert de Troyes (Porte-carquois)
birth: Comte de Troyes {{Anselme Caille|Edition=3|Tome=1|Permalien=|Page=35}}
marriage: Gisèle (fille de Louis le Bégue)
Emeno ? (de Perigord et Angouleme)
title: between 839 and 866, Comte de Poitiers
García II Sánchez of Gascony
birth: about 855
marriage: Amuna
death: after 920

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