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Henry Alditheley b. 1175 d. 1246

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Lineage Audley
Sex Male
Full name (at birth) Henry Alditheley

Adam FitzLiudolf (Audley) [Audley]

Emma FitzRalph (Ormele) [Ormele]

Adam Alditheley [Audley]


1175 birth:

child birth: Alice Audley [Audley]

child birth: Emma Audley [Audley]

1220 child birth: Heleigh, Staffordshire, England, and 1225, James de Audley [Audley] b. 1220 d. 11 June 1272

1246 death:

From grandparents to grandchildren

Emma FitzRalph (Ormele)
birth: Horton (Staffordshire), England
== 3 ==
Henry Audley
birth: 1175, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England
title: Sir
marriage: Bertreda Manwaring (Mesnilwarin)
death: 1246
Henry of Alditheley
birth: 1175
title: Sheriff of Staffordshire
death: 1246
Henry Alditheley
birth: 1175
death: 1246
== 3 ==
Ela Longespee
birth: 1234
title: Lady Stretton
marriage: James de Audley
death: 1297
other: 12 July 2000, Record Change
James de Audley
birth: 1220, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England, and 1225
other: James De Alditheley, Other name
other: Reference Numbe, STA006.24
marriage: Ela Longespee
death: 11 June 1272, Ireland
other: 12 July 2000, Record Change
Peter (Piers) de Montfort (of Beaudesert)
death: 4 August 1265, Evesham, England
Nicholas Audley
birth: 1255
death: 28 August 1299
other: 12 July 2000, Record Change
Agnes of Aldithley
other: 29 June 2003, Record Change
Isolde le Rous (de Audley, de Mortimer)
birth: 1269
marriage: Hugh de Audley
death: 1328, Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, England
Hugh de Audley
birth: 1267, Stratton Audley, & Marcle Audley
marriage: Isolde le Rous (de Audley, de Mortimer)
death: 1325
other: 12 July 2000, Record Change

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